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 Do and Do Not's!

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Do and Do Not's! Empty
PostSubject: Do and Do Not's!   Do and Do Not's! EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 5:17 pm

While each person has their own preferences on roleplaying, and how to build characters, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that have been gathered by a large, random, populace of roleplayers.


Ask for help if you need it. It is better to get help if you do not know something, than continue to be confused and feel like an outcast.

Participate. If you want to join in a roleplay, ask the GM, or if it’s a chat roleplay, the players. More often than not, you’ll be allowed in (unless it is a 1x1, which has its own forum).

Ask Questions.

Continue to build and add to your existing characters/worlds, through role play!


Create supermegapowerfulcreatures who can beat/win anything. It’s important that if you make a character who’s super powerful, or who has a billion and one powers, that they also have a con as well. A good rule of thumb is for everyone 1 pro, have 1 con. This does not mean that the con has to be shown off to everyone, just be present. It makes for a good, well rounded character.

Just start random fights. If you want to ‘fight’ a character, or have them fight you, make sure there is a good plot line behind it. Did that character’s race destroy your own? Did they push you out of your burrow?

Don’t just make up immunities/powers on the fly. If you do get in a fight, and you have fire resistance, or magic resistance (etc.) it is fine. If you do not have acid resistance, though, and someone uses acid on you- don’t suddenly develop this immunity, it has a tendency to tick people off, which may make them not want to roleplay with you.
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Do and Do Not's!
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