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 Roleplay Types.

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Roleplay Types. Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Types.   Roleplay Types. EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 6:15 pm

For this site, there are three main categories of Roleplay.
Forum style.
Chat style.
DnD style.

Forum style is when you are planning on writing longer posts (because chats usually have character restrictions). This type of roleplay is also seen as being a lot slower, meaning it can have more users than the typical chat roleplay. This is also a slower paced roleplay, but it allows for a much larger amount of imagery or things to happen in one post. There are several types of roleplays that may happen within these.

1.Free World RP (Anything can happen, the players flush it out, and drive it along.)
2.World Roleplays (The game masters in this case, flush out a world and tell the users it’s parameters and what they can and can not do, leading the users to a central plot and story line.)

3.Nation Roleplays (Each user is in charge of a nation and the things that go with it -the people, it’s government, etc.- and others roleplay as their nation, bringing acts of war, trades, terriorism, etc).

4.Small Scale RP Free World (this is the type of free world, where the players flush it out on a smaller scale, like in a city. It’s player driven.)

5.Small Scale World Rp (Just like the World Roleplay, the Game Master flushes out a place and drives the plot, leading the users in a central plot.)
All of these types can span any genre that the players/game masters wish (real, sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, etc.).

Chat style is usually for the faster, smaller roleplays. These roleplays span the same amount as any of the forum Rp’s that were listed above and are just faster with a less amount of people (generally). Like above, it can be a set GM leading a group in a Free World, World, Nation, or a Small or large scale, spanning any genre’s.

DnD (dungeons and dragon) style is the place where the dice rolls would come in handy. In this style you have a Game master presenting obstacles and loot, and you have characters with specific abilities, damage, etc. The damage you do, spells, or the like is based on your dice rolls as well as the racial abilities and your statistics (which can be given to you by the GM or also by dice roll). This can be done on the forum or the chat as well, and can come in any genre. It is ran by a, or a couple of Game Masters. Sometimes GM’s can change per ‘round’, but this is when it is not on a forum.
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Roleplay Types.
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