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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 7:52 pm

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why do I have to log in/make an account before I see the entire forum?

Logging in, or making an account, is to A) help to deter spammers and to B) make sure that, if you are sorted in the groups that are age appropriate.

2. What if I see something against the rules, but a Mod or an Admin is not around to fix it?

Send us a Private Message and we should be able to get to it as soon as possible. In the PM include the link to the site, or a copy paste (or a screenshot) of the chat logs, if it occurs in chat.

3. How do we send a Private Message?

To send a private message you can go to the user profile of the person you want to send the PM to. If you want to send it to more than one person, there is a little + so that you can add multiple recipients. In the PM add user option, there is also a way to search through usernames if you cannot recall the full thing.

4. How long will it take you to get back to us?

It may take a little bit, depending on how busy we are, and how many messages we get, but if we do not get back to you (or the issue you were discussing has not been fixed) within a week, try and send a new private message to the particular person you were attempting to get a hold of. Don’t forget to check the announcement forum, to see if a mod or an admin have made an announcement about being gone for a bit!

5. How do I get into the chat?

On the home page of Dearly Anonymous is a chat box at the very top. On the right hand side is a small box, which says log in. Click that box and, walla, you will log into the chat and be ready to talk to all the other users who are in it!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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