Simply, a fun place for all Role-players to come and enjoy the company of others, have fun, and role play in either a forum or chat setting, as well as learn and/or pass along their knowledge to others.
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 Sitewide Rules

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PostSubject: Sitewide Rules   Sitewide Rules EmptyTue Feb 12, 2013 5:21 pm

"Please be mindful that, although there are only so many, this is a community. Any advice a user can offer should always be accepted and respected. Mods and Admins provide a sense of authority, but it is crucial to the growth of our site, our community, and our roleplay stories alike that we all work together to make each and every member feel comfortable. We are a family, and a family can only build larger if there is respect and caring amoung it’s members.”

Also, if you are approved for a age-restricted part of the forum, it may take a few days to sort you into the group to allow for you to see it. Please be patient, we can’t be here 24/7.

Basic Rules:

Do not Spam.

Do not bully.
- While we know that sometimes what you say may be taken in a tone it is not meant to be, try not to bully or be rude to our other users. If we catch this there will be a warning. If it was not meant in this way (and both all members of the party understand this) we apologize. We are only human, and can only see part of the equation.

Respect Others Views (yes, this does include politics and religions).
- Debates are excellent, and a great learning tool, but do not fall into personal attacks, or bashing. This will not be tolerated.

If you join a roleplay, you must follow the game masters rules as well as the site rules. On the locked forums, there are it’s own set of rules that most be followed as well as these rules.

Also, listen to the Moderators and Admins, as they are the peace-keepers of the site, here to A) make your roleplaying experience the best it can be and B) ensure no one breaks the rules.

Thank you!
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Sitewide Rules
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