Simply, a fun place for all Role-players to come and enjoy the company of others, have fun, and role play in either a forum or chat setting, as well as learn and/or pass along their knowledge to others.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 4:27 pm

The Main Forum that you see is pg-13, unless it is marked as a different age category. As such, try to keep the amount of cursing to a minimum (it’s okay to swear, or what not, but not every other word please, there will be children). At this time, this includes the chat at the top of the main page, until the time which we get a chat with more than one room. Be warned, if you want to roleplay in the chat, there may be other people talking during this time.

When it involves romance, it is okay for sex, but you will have to do something like, “Jill took Steve’s hand, leading him to the bedroom. – Fade to black, time skip.-“

It is okay for violence, or gore, in the forums. Due to some people not wanting to read/see it, though, please put a Caution: Extreme Violence warning at the top, so that way they may skip over it (see if the GM of the roleplay would like you to put it in a different color or something, as well, that way it won’t affect the rest of the post).

The GM (Game Master) of your roleplay is the boss of that roleplay. If they ask you not to do something, please do not do it in that roleplay. You would not like it if people took liberties with your work, and as such please be respectful of their decisions and style that they would like you to write in, etc.

Sitewide Rules still apply, obviously, and should be taken before that of the Game Master's.
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Forum Rules
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